My Story

My Scentsy journey began in 2009.  I initially joined because I absolutely loved the concept of NO flames!  I've always loved candles, but, I didn't like the idea of the danger of possible fire with my family.  Over the years, I have come to love Scentsy because it is definitely more than wax & warmers.  It's about friendships, connections that I never would have made without Scentsy.  It's about memories & how scent triggers those memories.  Mostly, it's about helping my family have a better, more enriched life.

I would be so honored to have you join me in this amazing journey & look forward to hearing from you to see how Scentsy can absolutely change your life!

Warm Regards,

Gayle Von Holt

Independent Scentsy Director

253-431-8258 ( mobile/text)